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Using ebay purchased secondhand VoIP phones during the lockdown

As part of our work to support one the local Covid-19  support group s we are lending VoIP phone handsets to some of the organisers. The handsets are programmed to use the special range of distinctive numbers allocated by us to the team. To ensure good quality voice on the phone we are using Polycom desktop handsets, these are business quality devices designed for office use.  We're also helping the Belper Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group, but they have less complex telephone requirements. Once programmed by us, it should be just a matter of plugging the Polycom devices into the the RJ45 LAN outlet on the broadband router in the home and, after power is supplied, the devices automatically connected to the  Sipgate  service. The organiser team then obtain the full facilities of a distributed office PABX in their own home. It also protects the personal phone numbers of the organisers from general public exposure. There always are some weirdo's who would want to exploit personal phone