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Flooding at the Old Post Office on Bridge Street

We've lived in the Old Post Office for a couple of year's now. During that time the cellar has flooded a few times when there has been sudden heavy rainfall over Belper. The old sewage system doesn't cope with the extra rainwater run-off from a heavy storm. This is not surprising given how the town has grown over the past 25 years.  There's a small drain gully just beside the outer cellar door and it is about 2.5 metres below the level of the A6 road outside the property. So I'd say it is about level with the top of the sewage tunnel/pipe built under the road. When the system is overwhelmed by storm water run-off some of that water finds its way back to the cellar drain gully and floods out. There are some stone steps leading down from the garden to the cellar door and in bad conditions I've seen the water gain a depth of at least 60 cms deep. Needless to say this water finds its way into the cellar which is at the same level. The  cellar then floods to a d