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A walk down the track to the Nailers Football Club in Belper

I've heard the owners of the lane are resurfacing the track, because people don't like the potholes.  We love them because it slows crazy drivers down. It gets so dusty in the summer. I took this video (6 mins) for posterity.  Meanwhile we have to find somewhere else to park for a week while the works progress.

George Street Walk in Belper Derbyshire.

Another video recording a local street . This time it is George Street in Belper. Several of the houses as Cluster cottages. They were built by the mill owners, the Strutts, to house the families of the Mill managers/supervisors. They are larger than the worker's terraced houses in Long Row .

A walk up Long Row in Belper Derbyshire

Here's a video walk up the nearby historic lane called Long Row. It contains terraced cottages built by Strutt Mills for its workforce. Here's a youtube link and also a vimeo link (no adverts).

William Street, Belper

Here's a video walking down historic William Street in Belper. It is just two minutes walk from the Old Post Office on Bridge Street. Here's a youtube link and here's a vimeo link (no adverts).

East Midlands Railway

Problems in ordering a train ticket for travel from Belper. A link to video story.  Annoying! Follow up 30th Jan 2020: The train was late in both directions. Coming home from busy St Pancras the reserved seating booking didn't work because of a a "computer problem", more likely they forgot to load the details. The guard apologised over the speaker system, but I'[m guessing the problem will be repeated.