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From our "shop" window

 One of the features of the Old Post Office is the road traffic outside on the A6 Road. This road starts in Luton and heads north to finish in Carlisle (Cumbria) and calls in to Belper. When this time lapse video was recorded (11am on a wet April day) the traffic was relatively light for the time of day.  If you watch carefully you'll see one of our German Shepherds poke her nose into the scene.

Easter Monday - Nailers Game

I was practising with my drone flying and took it up to about 50 metres above our garden, dodging all those pesky trees. I couldn't resist taking a snap of the football game in  the stadium at the bottom of our garden. All done within CAA rules for a sub-250gm photo drone. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. 

Drone views above the Old Post Office

 Here's a couple of views from above the Old Post Office, taken at 35 metres. To the North To the South East towards Belper centre.