Hooray the cricket season is over!

At the foot of the garden of the Belper Old Post Office on Bridge Street we have a garage which opens on to an unmetalled track. This track runs from the A6 road to the Nailers football ground, the Tennis Club, the Hockey Club, The Bowls Club and the Cricket Club. When fixtures take place we get quite a lot of vehicle traffic along this track. The surface of the track is essentially crushed building rubble flattened using a small road grader. It gets very dusty during dry weather. If cars drive faster than 5 mile per hour the dust is sucked up to land on adjoining gardens and parked cars.
Driving too fast along the track also creates potholes and ruts as the energy from the cars breaks up the surface.
The track is used as a parking area for the mums-run cars for the local Long Row infant and junior schools. Social clubs and corporate events held in the football club buildings also add pressure to the traffic and parking.
It is noticeable that people visiting the Cricket Club are the worst drivers. They drive at excess speeds along the lane seemingly careless of pedestrians and the dust they create. The visitors to the other clubs are not so bad. Here's our list in order of merit (worst to best):

  1. Cricket Club - behave like crazy rally drivers;
  2. Hockey Club - not quite as bad as the cricketers;
  3. Tennis Club - the weekend mums are terrifying;
  4. NHS/Local authority visitors to seminars at football club, park regardless of other people
  5. Mums Run for school  - 20 minutes of chaos twice a day (weekdays)
  6. The Bowls Club - sedate
  7. The congregation of Christ Church, generally safe, but sometimes park in inconsiderate places;
  8. The Nailers fans - generally considerate.


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