Some people are making money out of Coronavirus

One of the advantages of living in the Old Post Office is the large cellar, though it is a right pain when that same cellar floods. However the real plus side is I've plenty of space to store 5 litre containers of various fluids suitable for a Man Cave.  

One of those liquids is Iso Propyl Alcohol. It's a handy solvent, but I used a lot during the last clean up of the cellar, wiping down tools and the like. I decided it was time to replenish the stock and went online to order another 5 litres. The last one was about £25 including carriage.  I was annoyed to find that all of my usual suppliers were out of stock of this very common solvent.

People have been panic buying this too.  Iso-propyl alcohol is good for wiping down and sterilising surfaces. On Ebay and Amazon people were asking around £75 for 5 litres! 

Eventually I was able to find a supplier who is selling at £12.30 ex VAT for 5 litres and have ordered through them. It will arrive in a couple of days.


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