A side effect of the Corona Virus

I've been restoring and repairing my workshop in the cellar of the Old Post Office following the November floods. The water was almost chest height in the cellar. One of the casualties was my Draeger dust mask. I have a, now repaired, dust extraction system, extractor fan and vortex, to capture the wood dust from the machinery, but the system needs to be supplemented with a (P2) half face respirator mask.  I've plenty of spare filter cartridges for the respirator, but the main mask had been immersed in sewage water, so I threw it away not wanting to breathe in sewage living microbes.

I've got to the point on the workshop repairs where I need to renew the respirator to continue normal woodworking. Normally this is just a quick trip to Screwfix to buy a pack containing the Draeger 3300 half mask for painters and farmers. I quite like these masks because they seal well on my face and handle most organic vapours as well as dust. However it seems that, with the Corona Virus scare, respirators are in short supply. I've managed to find a supplier, but there's a two week back order delay. It won't stop progress as I've a 3M semi-disposable mask, left over from the flood cleanup, which I can use in the meantime, but it does highlight the state of public panic.

Just another way the media panic on Corona Virus is affecting routine life. If you are seeking advice, here's the World Health Organisation take on the matter.

Edit 8th March: The painter's dust mask (Draeger 3500) was delivered by Amazon today; I'd been expecting a delay until the 15th Mar at the earliest.


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