Storm Dennis floods in the Old Post Office Belper

We were relieved to have only minor groundwater flooding in our cellar following Storm Dennis. After several years of nagging Severn Trent finally installed a non-return valve to stop their sewer from flooding our cellar. I've added a commercial electric sump pump in the cellar. It kept the water level down to a few inches when the water table temporarily rose as the Derwent was flooding. No more cloudy sewer water, just relatively clear groundwater.

Sump pump, temporary position but doing the job
The drain by cellar door; in the previous flood this was a metre deep in water

The non-return valve meant our drains were blocked from the sewer for a few hours while it was overloaded. However that was infinitely preferable to the alternative flooding back-up. Across the road the River Gardens restaurant suffered cellar flooding. Severn Trent Water  really need to find a longer term solution for the overloaded sewers in Bridge Street in Belper.

Meanwhile we were keeping an eye on the River Derwent. It was busy flooding other areas such as the Meadows Hockey Club, the Tennis Club and the Nailers Football Ground. We had flood defences ready in the garden, but did not need them this time.

River Derwent in Storm Dennis at North Mill, Belper

Storm Dennis Floods at Tennis Courts and Hockey Club, Belper
I've also posted a longer flood video in Vimeo, it can be seen here.


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